Review: Parineeti Wedding & Lifestyle Exhibition 2015

by Namrata Nautiyal
Parineeti Wedding & Lifestyle Exhibition

Today, I spent a couple of hours at Parineeti Wedding & Lifestyle Exhibition. This Exhibition was conducted by Marriage Mantra at Westin, Goregaon. I was so happy – This was the first exhibition that was closer to home 😛 haha… Anyhow, but closer to home meant I noticed that most of the designers were also from close by locations majorly from Goregaon & Kandivili. I found that a little strange, but their collection was nevertheless outstanding.

For those of you who missed the exhibition today, Parineeti is coming back on the following days as well.

The Big Fat Wedding & Lifestyle Exhibition
Parineeti Hotel West In, Mumbai Friday, 17th July
Hotel Palladium, Mumbai Monday, 10th August
Hotel Sea Princess, Mumbai Monday, 12th August
Hotel Novotel, Mumbai Wednesday, 14th October
The Club, Mumbai Thursday, 3rd December
JW Mariott, Mumbai Monday, 28th March 2016

The one thing that was striking in this entire exhibition was the Raw Silk Lehengas. This exhibition was perfect for anyone looking for budget lehengas in the price range of under 10k.


#1 Panache by Bhavisha Savla

Hers was a small stall at a corner. But what a find ! She had the most gorgeous looking maroon raw silk lehenga with a full sequins work peach blouse and net dupatta. My eyes were glued to that piece till the very end. I did not see anything better than that in any of the stalls! The price of the lehenga was just 6500.

What I loved about her piece was that it had a nice stone studded embellishment around the waist and that was the only bling part to the outfit. It was the perfect mixture of simplicity with bling-bling. The Lehenga was completely done with can-can so it gave a nice princess feel. Add to that the raw silk shine and it made for the perfect evening wear choice (but to somebody else’s wedding!)

Red and black lehenga. #IndianFashion

The gher and color was very similar to this one. Source – Pinterest

Also, she had a beautiful collection of designer sarees in the price range of 10k. Her navy blue with peach combo saree was my favorite. It was heavy but very much something that a new bride should have in her collection. It was completely net with shimmer work in the pleats and had a nice georgette-crepe navy blue part as the pallu. But the best part was the blouse. It was a floral printed blouse in full sequin work. Gave a very heavy rich look. The designer actually draped the piece around her and it was truly stunning for the price.

Peach and navy blue printed pallu sari with blue raw silk blouse piece available only at Pernia's Pop-Up Shop.

Imagine this saree with a lot of shimmer on the pleats. Makes for a stunning choice for the newly wed bride. Source – Pernia’s Pop Up Shop

For anybody who wishes to get in touch with the designer – she works from home only. She takes complete customization orders as per requirement for Sarees, Lehengas as well as Anarkalis. She can be contacted at 


#2 Surbhee Fashions

Her stall was filled with full length Anarkalis in heavy zardozi and pita work. She had varied styles and colors in her stall making it quite an interesting choice to look at. I saw full floral Anarkalis (very Anushree Reddy meets Riddhi Mehra inspired), then there was Raw Silk Anarkalis with cut work, chiffon flowy Anarkalis and more.

Soft pink rose embroidered floral print anarkali set available only at Pernia's Pop-Up Shop.

Source – Pernia’s Pop Up Shop

Floral Anarkalis

Source –, Pinterest

I think it was the perfect stall for someone like me, who doesn’t really have a set fabric and look in mind. It was then easy to look through all the options. Her price range for Anarkalis started at 8k and upwards. But they definitely looked price worthy for all the zardozi handwork covering the entire outfit from top to waist length.

I fell in love with a bottle green Raw Silk Anarkali. It was drop dead gorgeous. It was completely handwork with small gold strips all over the piece and heavy zardozi work on the top and bottom. It was expensive too at a steep price of 20k !!! But it was definitely something that looked totally out of the world. I wish I could have it 🙁

Store Details: A-203 Mangal Villa, Tejpal Road, Dwarkadhish Haveli, Vile Parle (E). Email:


#3 Amaira Agicha

I loved the sequin net capes at the stall the most. Capes are totally in this season and can be worn on anything from a saree blouse to just on a crop top with skirt or with palazzo. I can think of a dozen ways of styling a cape. She had a gorgeous collection but at a slightly steep price of 4500 a piece.

I also loved her collection in Lehengas. Priced below 20k, they were perfect for Mehendi and Sangeet wear. You can reach out to the designer at


#4 Babita Ccreation

Love gota patti work? How about gota patti in sarees? Now how about leheriya sarees in gota patti work? Brilliant no? I just fell in love with her entire collection. Such beauty and at an incredibly awesome price starting at 2500 for Leheriya Gota Patti sarees and 6000 upwards for pure chiffon sarees. I even saw beautiful pastel shaded sarees in zardozi work.

Babita Ccreation had already exhibited earlier this week at Sutra, but I had missed her stall as it was swarming with people and now I know why !

Gota Laheriya on georgette by Mitan Ghosh

Her collection had very similar kind of sarees. Beautiful color combinations. I felt she had something for everybody. Source –, Pinterest


#5 Mint Designer Studio

Mint Designer Studio is a mother-daughter duo who design everything from heavy bridal Lehengas to sarees, dress pieces and even Budget Lehengas. My favorite of the stalls. I absolutely fell in love with a baby pink Lehenga that they had in display. Very heavy (both weight & look wise), their lehengas were priced at somewhere around 25-30k.

They take complete customization orders as per request. The designer Devyani Sigtia told me that all her pieces are completely hand work – no machine work at all. Given the look, the price I felt was totally justified.

Her Lehengas were unusual in the sense that they had the two border concept which automatically  gave the overall outfit a very heavy look. I am definitely getting in touch with the designer to see if something can work out for my wedding wear. If you wish to get in touch with her, you can contact her at

P.S. Sorry guys, can’t find anything which looks even remotely similar to the collection I saw at her stall.


#6 Deepak Khanna

I met this designer at Sutra earlier this week, but it was definitely good to see his collection again displayed at Parineeti as well. Their collection has gorgeous Leheriya floor length Anarkalis in gota patti work. I particularly loved their shaded leheriya Anarkalis in peach and dark pink.

If your budget is under 15k for your Mehendi Sangeet wear, then their stall is a must visit. The gher of the outfit was outstanding. Perfect when you are spinning with your better half on the dance floor 🙂 The Anarkalis came with an optional full work jacket which was priced at Rs.3000.  The jacket instantly gave the outfit a very heavy royal look.

They had beautiful shades of pinks, peach, teal, orange, and even bold colors like blue and red.

Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2014: Bridal Buys We Spotted !

Something similar but in Leheriya background. Source – Wed Me Good


#7 Shubham Laces

Looking to buy designer blouses? What shade? Don’t worry. They had it all. All colors from gold, red, embroidery, printed to net, sequins and laces. Think whatever combination – they had it. I just loved this stall. I was almost going to buy a standard gold blouse from them but they only accepted cash – and I didn’t have any  😕

Multicolor Padded Sequinned Blouse with Sheer by Amoristudios

I saw very similar kinds like these. Source – Etsy

The average price of blouses started upwards 700 which I felt was decent enough given these kind of blouses cost anywhere between 1200-1600 in any store. Also, they had beautiful jackets at flat 500 bucks !!! I am not much of a jacket person but their pieces were getting picked up like anything.

Flower Lace Silver Blouse

Source –

Their store is on the Santacruz Station road next to Friendship. So you can catch their collection there the next time you are in the area 🙂


What do you think of this review of Parineeti? Would you be attending the exhibition on the alternate days?

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Anuja Shah July 21, 2015 - 12:06 pm

Hey i visited the exhibitions at mumbai and i found this one and the one at tulip star – Bandhan the best of the lot- budget and other wise.

I had a terrible experience with Deepak Khanna though. He had exhibited in ahmedabad some 25 days back and i had picked up an peach and blue shaded georgette anarkali from him for 7500. He did not have the duppata for the same and said would courier it within a week’s time from jaipur (where he is based). He showed me a sample duppata which was in a different colour with gotta patti borders on four sides and said u ll receive the same but in your colour combination. He also charged me Rs. 200 for the courier. Now, i did not receive the duppata for 12 days- i called him he said will receive in 2 days- i still dint- then i saw him at the Westin exhibition on 17th and confronted him – he said haan abhi toh baat hui thi – courier ho chuka hai n all – i said u had said a week’s time – already 15+ days have passed- he called up the courier guy in front of me or so he said and said ensured i would receive the same in ahmedabad by 4. I tried gettin the dupatta from him there itself bt he said he dint have it. I trusted him but dint receive the same on 17th 18th or 19th so thought he is fooling around. Again on the 20th i visited Bandhan exhibition and caught hold of him and had to create a fuss and i fought with him and picked up a random duppata from him and told him we are keepin this duppata and will return it to the courier guy once we receive that duppata. He kept on sayin aaj mil jayega n all – we r in this business since the past 5 years etc etc… bt common he said the same thing 4 days back but i dint receive the duppata. I also requested him for the POD details – i told him if u have couriered it to me then give me the courier co’s name and POD details. he was like nahi woh humne humare courier se bheja hai n all – i was like u ve charged me 200 rs for it so u must ve sent it through a reputed courier co- give me the tracking details, which he dint give. Ultimately, after creating so much fuss, he must have spoken to the courier guy and i received the duppata within two hours, and i went to his stall and returned the duppata i had taken from him. I reached home to c the duppata today and found that the one he had sent had borders only on the two breaths of the duppata instead of four ends as shown to me.
P.S: Neither he or his wife at the stall were apologetic for the delay. Infact he even had the audacity to tell me aesa toh nahi hai aapka koi function miss ho gaya ho ya kuch coz of this- to which i replied how the hell do u know that i had bought it for what function -wen i told him if u say one week’s time u should deliver it within that time or atleast bother calling and informing that it will be delayed and his wife was even worse and said hum aese nahi karte call and was super rude to us. I would never buy anything from him again. It was like we were at fault and not them. I would request people to buy from him only if the entire set is available with him and avoid all the hassle.

Frugal2Fab July 21, 2015 - 9:02 pm

Anuja, OMG I had no idea..they could be this bad…That’s the thing…how can we be sure of these guys. We just interact with them for sometime at a wedding exhibition and then they are off. I think its a good thing that you caught him at Westin. Otherwise like you said, deliver hota bhi ki nahi, no guarantee. I think what you have said about picking the items as is from the exhibition is the best away to avoid any hassles, especially in cases where a big amount is concerned. That was my primary reason for not placing the order for my wedding lehenga. Now looking at your experience, I know I did the right thing. You just never know what can go wrong, and then nobody claims responsibility. That’s the worst part !

Firstly Deepak shouldn’t have charged you 200 bucks in the first place..Its his deal to get the product to you. Chodo, nominal amount is still bearable, the part with the attitude is just not acceptable. I don’t understand why some people have such air about them. The minute they know their product is a little different than the lot, they throw all kinds of tantrums. Now that you mention it, when I visited them at the stalls, you are right they just had the anarkalis on dupattas…

Thank you for sharing your experience. Its so important to be aware of all these things. Not everybody works in the most professional way…and one can get so stuck at times. Its just the worst experience. I can totally understand what you must have gone through…paying that much and after so much of hassles, not getting what was expected. I think its a watch out for everyone to be more careful !

BTW, I was also at Westin on 17th – I missed you there 🙁

Anuja Shah July 22, 2015 - 11:16 am

ya man, the courier amount is still bearable but dude if you are charging me for the courier you should atleast give me the POD details. And i had asked him also if he would be exhibiting in any of the exhibitions in bombay – if he would have informed me i would have collected the duppata from there itself avoiding all the hassle as well as saving the courier charges. Ya man, its good u dint order your lehenga from the exhibition. I have shopped quite a bit for my wedding from exhibitions -coz i find the stuff at exhibitions different than what we tend to get in stores- but none of the experiences have been this bad. I guess either you buy a complete package (or stuff with just minor alterations required which can be sorted at ur end), else its the best to buy stuff only from exhibitors from your city – so u can always get back to them for alterations, pick up’s etc. Also, in ahmedabad i have noticed that the same stuff is cheaper at their stores (especially for ppl who operate from home studio’s) than wat they keep at exhibitions, probably coz they try to recover the rental cost from us for the exhibition. Also, at one particular home designer’s place i got the same dress at 20% lower cost coz they said they specially made the items for the exhibition but since it dint get sold they need to lower the prices n sell them to recover the costs. And is other cases i have found exhibition prices to be lower than store prices… so its always confusing as to whether you are getting the right deal or not. Whats your experience on exhibition prices?

O O, i should have met you there 🙁

Frugal2Fab July 23, 2015 - 5:45 pm

Hey, I think exhibition prices are always on the higher side. One, like you said they want to recover their rental costs but also because they are bringing you exotic cultural stuff which you will only find probably in that particular state or location. So just for the convenience bit, they do charge heavily for the same stuff. I have been to my fair share of exhibitions and something like calcutta cotton sarees, or mekhla chaddar etc, stuff which you know you won’t find in local stores are always priced like double triple. I am sure Deepak Khanna stuff ideally must be priced at like 4k-5k in Jaipur or Delhi – not exactly ditto same but something similar. Coz Leheriya and Gota Patti have a certain upper limit price themselves. You could get a full Leheriya Saree with a nice gota patti border for like 3-4k, so a Anarkali definitely should be priced accordingly not double of it for sure. He has just added a couple of extra thousands because its a one of a kind design. Its up to us to make that choice, whether we are willing to pay that steep a price or not 🙂

Anuja Shah July 23, 2015 - 6:11 pm

Ya logically makes sense. It was just that there were some people in exhibitions who tell you hey currently we r offerin 20% disc or 10% disc – if u come to our store to buy it later u wont get the discount — so i was wondering wats the scene like

Anuja Shah July 23, 2015 - 6:14 pm

Ya logically makes sense. It was just that there were some people in exhibitions who tell you hey currently we r offerin 20% disc or 10% disc – if u come to our store to buy it later u wont get the discount — so i was wondering wats the scene like. Deepak khanna one’s were priced higher coz he incorporated zardosi embroidery and some shaded colour instead of the common lehriya or a single colour material, so ya u r right the exclusivity or uniqueness commands a premium. So its on an individual whether to pay the price for it or spend it on somethin else…

Archana August 10, 2015 - 1:17 pm

Hey Namrata,
So nice to read all your blogs and I read them regularly.
During your visit to Parineeti exhibitions you gave details about Babita creations.
Can you give me ideas about from where I can buy stuff from these people? Where is their store?

Frugal2Fab August 11, 2015 - 7:40 pm

Hi Archana,
So glad to hear that you are enjoying the posts. You just made my day ^_^ Thank youuuu!
About Babita Ccreations, the designer operates from her home only. She does a lot of exhibitions though. In fact she is at Parineeti tomorrow which is at Sea Princess, Juhu. She herself resides in Juhu, so if you are in Mumbai itself, you can check out her stuff.
Otherwise you can alternatively also connect with her over the phone. Her contact number is 9819631337. May be she can send you some designs over whatsapp which you can have a look 🙂
Let me know if this helps…or in case you need any other details..

Archana August 22, 2015 - 9:37 pm

Hi Namrata,

Thanks for your reply on my question and yes I am more than happy to know that you have found your dream lehenga :). Good going girl.

Frugal2Fab August 22, 2015 - 10:10 pm

Heyy, Thank you so sooo much ^_^ It was a *big relief*. I was almost starting to think on the lines of going ahead with a saree for lack of options in my ‘economical range’.

monisha November 28, 2015 - 3:25 pm

hey,u guys r really doing good job.. I was searching for diffnt time to get a proper shopping guide for my wedding… will u plz help me to HV my engagement anarkali gown like dress? as I m in now outside India need a designer who will able sent it to my place..

Frugal2Fab December 28, 2015 - 11:15 am

Hi Monisha, custom designers can be tricky but to get an idea, you can look through online sites like Pernia’s Pop Up Shop or even 6Y Collective if you are looking for something in budget…They ship worldwide and are quite reliable as well.

Ash November 21, 2016 - 4:15 pm

Great collection! Thanks for sharing!


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