5 Things I learnt from my Lehenga Shopping Experience

by Namrata Nautiyal
Lehenga Shopping Experience

Lehenga Shopping is one of the most crucial bits to anybody’s wedding. If you ask me, everything depends on this. You have a good Lehenga – you have a good wedding 🙂

Take a look at the 5 things that I learnt from my exhaustive Lehenga Shopping Experience. Trust me, you won’t regret this.

Bridal Lenghas - take your pick!

Source – Wed Me Good

#1. If you really really love the Lehenga, like REALLY love. Don’t pick it up !

I went to this exhibition recently where I saw a stall which had beautiful soft pastel shades of Lehengas in full gota patti work. Then add to that their dupattas were full jaali work and at what price – just around 20k ! They had beautiful colors in baby pink, peach, teal, lemon – gorgeous shades. It was completely princess like.

I went to this exhibition all by myself. But one look at the stall, and I was like – this is where I will get my Wedding Lehenga. So much so I called up my mum and told her what the pieces look like and was almost trying to make up my mind. At that rate it was like a steal deal.

I spent like an hour at the stall and finally made up my mind that I will NOT buy the Lehenga today. I just couldn’t decide by myself what shade of color looked best on me. The Lehenga was going to be entirely custom made.

Should I go for peach pink with majenta pink blouse and border? Or orange like pink with fuchsia pink?

I walked out of the exhibition and all my way back home I felt I left my dream Lehenga behind. I was miserable.

What if someone else picks it up? What if I don’t find the same kind tomorrow? What have I done !!!

Gota Patti Lehenga

I saw something very similar but with heavier work and the Lehenga skirt was more filled up. Source – Pinterest

That evening when I finally went to bed. I started thinking. If I buy that Lehenga – I need to get the following things fixed at my end:

  • No can-can done on the Lehenga – Will my tailor say he needs to open up the entire Lehenga and do the work? How much would that cost then?
  • At the store they had the palazzo pant styled Lehenga. I didn’t want that. Mine would have to be entirely made from scratch and in the Lehenga format.
  • When format changes into the Lehenga look, would it be EXACTLY the kind I had in my mind?
  • The piece would be shipped from Delhi – but what if I don’t like something about it once it is delivered? How will the alterations or anything work in that case?
  • Would the designer even pay heed to my requests? Is their any guarantee?
  • I met this designer at a wedding exhibition. They have so store nothing. How can I trust them with MY Wedding Lehenga?
  • Is it really worth buying my Wedding Lehenga from them?


I had a zillion more thoughts like these. This is when I was done with my day, peacefully resting in my bed with no one to interrupt my thoughts. I was thinking clearly now.

Give yourself a day, a night even better. If you still miss the Lehenga and feel that this is ‘the one’ without any major pitfalls, then go the next day and pick it up.

At least you are dead sure about your decision. We are women, and we are known to change our minds in split seconds. All of us! 99.9% of the times you won’t be from the exception category. So save yourself some regret and don’t decide in haste 🙂 This is YOUR Wedding Lehenga we are talking about !


#2. Don’t ever go with the intention of buying your Lehenga at the first go

I have said this before as well. This is the conclusion I have drawn after visiting a ton of stores. I have posted about my experience at 17 of the Lehenga stores here. I have visited another 15-20 more by now be it in exhibitions or just walking into some XYZ store.

One thing I have learnt from this exercise is that, there are always alternative stores available. They may be invisible now but there are. None of us know about ALL of them. It could be big brand stores, designer labels or just custom designers who are not too ‘famous’. But you will find something. Give it time !


#3. Friends are ok, but family is what is needed. Take them for the final – final decision

One of your friends may say, woww this looks spectacular on you. While the other might say…I don’t like that color so much on you…What do you do then? While getting your friends opinion is definitely a big plus point but having your mom be a part of this monumental decision is an absolute must I feel.

Things that may have not even crossed your minds – your mum would have thought about that. Take for instance my case – I so badly wanted to buy this peach lehenga, when my mum pointed out –

“You are thinking of going for an off white decor stage, and then you’re planning on wearing something so light shaded – do you think it will stand out”? 

Point well made, don’t you think? Little things like these…they make the world of a difference.


#4. Don’t go with a set Lehenga image in mind. You will NEVER find it !

I hold Pinterest responsible for this kind of heartache. I have gone on this route myself. First I spent days pinning all the beautiful Lehenga ideas and then went to all these stores asking them to show me something on similar lines…

I thought the way my decorator is asking – Why don’t you get me some designs from google and I will replicate it for you? I thought the same will work with Lehengas also. Grave mistake! You will only end up disappointed. It does not work AT ALL !

Unless of course you pick up a Sabyasachi and go to the designer and request him to make the exact same one !

All the Lehenga stores have their collections updated almost every season. It is impossible to get ditto anything. Even remotely similar is something I found difficult to get from anywhere.

Red heavy bridal lehenga

Source – Wed Me Good

Lehenga, Indian bride

Source – everylittleshaadithing.tumblr.com

bright beautiful lehenga. Indian weddings

Source – Ebay.com, Pinterest

Aren’t these pieces just so sooo gorgeous…Sorry nahi milega ! So don’t go down that road.


#5. Finally, don’t give up easily!

I have read this in many places- start looking for your Lehenga ASAP before all the good ones are taken. Agreed. That’s a valid point. But should you pick something just because you think you won’t find something better later? That’s never a good approach to opt for.

This is your the Wedding Lehenga we are talking about. I feel take as much time as you can to make that decision. [By that I don’t mean buy 15 days before your wedding…but you know what I mean right] After all you are going to wear it once and for such a big occasion in your life. It has to be the most precious one of the lot. So don’t give up so easily.

The way I have planned it out is – look out for the sale seasons and the new arrival time. If you have time for 3 cycles – fresh arrival – sale period – fresh arrival again. Then you are set. If you have the time for such a cycle, you can judge the difference you see between fresh stock vs. the ones you see during sale season. Make the choice accordingly. If you don’t like the sale stuff then you still have another round of fresh arrivals coming in. So you don’t have to worry 🙂

Plan it out. That’s the best way out. It may get frustrating at times, but hold that urge which wants you to just get done with it.  Patience is the key !


What do you think about these 5 points? Are any of these helpful to you? Do you have any word of advice for fellow brides?


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Anuja Shah July 15, 2015 - 1:51 pm

A very helpful post.

Frugal2Fab July 16, 2015 - 10:44 am

Glad you liked it !

Dipalee April 21, 2016 - 2:05 am

Lol I m like u only . I go tons of places and shop nothing . And when I finally find my piece I m in heaven . But I m so so sad now coz I m in USA now and I can’t at all differentiate between fresh stock and 6 month old sale stock
But great article

Frugal2Fab April 27, 2016 - 10:20 am

Hahaha…true true, heaven it is when you find just the right one. Nicely said 🙂


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