101 Inexpensive Wedding Gift Ideas coming up next !

by Namrata Nautiyal
Inexpensive Wedding Gift Ideas

How many times has this happened to you

You have been invited for a wedding, and till the last moment you are wondering what to gift to the bride and groom? In the end you just end up gifting them either cash or a bouquet of flowers? … Don’t worry, happens to the best of us!

Isn’t it always more thrilling to be a little more creative? Everyone nowadays goes for the easy option of cash & flowers, but if you really want to woww your bride & groom, take a look at this extended list that I have put together just for you.

Here you will find a collection of over 100 Inexpensive Wedding Gift Ideas that you can opt for the next time you are invited for a wedding. The best part – if you are feeling too lazy to go and shop for these from actual stores, you can also pick it up online !


 Inexpensive Wedding Gift Ideas


Now I know everybody has a different interest when it comes to gift categories. So this list has a little something for every one of you. In the coming posts you will find:


P.S. I think I should mention the amount when I say inexpensive. All the gift ideas in the future posts will be in the range of Rs.400 to Rs.1500 unless specified (in few cases).


I hope you enjoy this series on inexpensive wedding gift ideas. The first post in the series is coming up super soon 🙂

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