Looking for a good Budget Photographer

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Budget Photographer

What is an Engagement without a good photographer !

I have been yelling this for days now to whoever tries to calm me down by saying, “sab ho jaayega. Don’t take tension”. Specially my Mr.to-be. who is exceptionally confident that his wife-to-be will eventually find some ‘jugaad’.

Its already Day 6 and I am losing my sleep. At this rate, I tell him that we might have to trust a selfie stick to deliver our engagement pictures.

I should tell you that I don’t understand the nitty-gritties of photography at all. Pardon me. Neither am I targeting Flickr worthy photos of mine at this point, may be for the wedding but not now. Yes I want to look good. Note: I want others also to look good + I want people to go all aaaww so beautiful + I want my red eyes (effect) to be taken care of. [very important!] Bas. Frugal demands of a simple girl.


Canon. Nikon. Sony. Where is my Budget Photographer!!???

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