Choosing my Engagement Venue 2

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Its Day 5 and I still don’t have a clue about what I would be doing for my other guests. Not having them in my momentous occasion is out of question. I am by nature highly emotional so I want each one of them to be part of my happiness no matter what.

As you know that I have already checked out most of the banquet halls. While they are definitely nice and a safe option, there is a cost involved too. With per plate ranging from 900-1500 + taxes excluding décor and other arrangements, I am not feeling too enthusiastic about it at all. That plus my (fixed) temple event, and I am making a disaster of a choice money wise.

With that I am also thinking that right after my temple ceremony I will have to arrange for all my family members, photographer, video guy to move to the other venue on time and make sure that all the arrangements are taken care of. With weddings, unless there is an external source managing your event, you can safely assume that there will be some hiccups (big or small) on your big day. Guarantee!

So, now I am on a desperate mode. The clock is ticking and I still haven’t figured out a proper venue to hold the actual function. Forget about food and other things. At this rate, I might have to throw an impromptu dinner on my building terrace. (Trust me, desperate times desperate measures)

The one thing I have learnt from this entire experience is that you need to pick up the phone and just talk to your friends, colleagues and family. Even friends of friends if need be. Sometimes we just think in so many directions that we miss what is right in front of us all along.

I am eternally grateful to my grandpa’s connections at IIT Campus. We all at home have been continuously obsessing about possible options when one call was all it took to find that answer.


The Banquet Hall inside the campus. Aaaahhh…!


How did we not think about that…firstly, it’s in a gorgeous location, there is the lake right opposite, its big and open (people actually throw receptions there), and let’s face it, its inside my ‘gaaon’ close to my other venue. That just solves almost all the problems !

Engagement Venue

This is right outside the Banquet Hall

We quickly make calls to see if we can get the proper permission to have our function there. Since, it was inside campus, my other significant cost – food was also at a subsidized rate (to a great extent in fact). I got a brilliant deal with the caterers and the banquet hall had 80 wooden chairs and a good number of round tables already available with them. Add to that the hall which is on the 3rd floor had huge windows all around the place for ample light and nature to peep in.

Seeing this, I decided that I don’t require a separate decorator to do much to this place. I kept it simple with some party poppers and ample floor space and corners for photography options in the hall and voila just like that, I now had my location 2 all figured out.

I won’t go into actual costing of the place but it’s safe to assume that I paid almost less than a third of what I would have ended up paying in any other regular sized boring banquets.

Check out some of the pics from the formal lunch event I had following my ceremony. Let me know what you think about it…




I know I know what you are thinking….how can YOU get that perfect engagement venue in your budget without having to budge much…


Wait to read all about it in my next post.

Have a perfect weekend…. 🙂

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