Choosing my Engagement Venue 1

by Namrata Nautiyal
Engagement Location 1

When you have less than two weeks to your ceremony, every place you see looks like a JW Marriott. Literally speaking.

As the day and age goes by, I have come to realize that we are completely spoilt by the choices thrown at us. It doesn’t really make life any less complicated contrary to what we may believe. If we see there are 10 pages of only maxi dresses on Jabong, we wish why is there not a 11th page (MyLifeStory). May be we could have found that perfect outfit there. Its basic human nature.

As they say, all good things don’t come easy. And in case of weddings, definitely not.

Its Day 3 now. I have already scourged through internet websites advising me on banquet halls available in and around my residence. I have physically gone and looked at almost 4-5 options with agents sitting on my neck asking me to do the booking ASAP.


Already you are too late (like I didn’t know). If you don’t book today, you won’t get the place -> this is the best option possible mam -> we are not expensive, we provide the best of everything -> food here is excellent -> blah, blah, blah -> everyone from this area have their functions here


Somewhere they all seem to fail me.


By now I have aligned my priorities towards the Ideal Engagement Venue. After all, it’s the only engagement I plan on having. So here goes:

  1. Venue has to be close by (otherwise half of my guests won’t show up… I know 😕 )
  2. Open and spacious
  3. No time constraint. I don’t want to keep looking at my watch thinking lets wrap up…lets wrap up!
  4. I want something different. PERSONAL.


It’s somewhere in the evening when my mum tells me that we need to go fix the Pandit and find out about the muhurat for the ceremony. I drive her down to IIT Devi Temple which is somewhat like our family temple. (I was born and brought up inside IIT Bombay so this place is home). So you know what I mean…

As my mum is working out the details of the event with Pandit ji, I take the liberty to stroll around the premises lost in my thoughts. I sit down feeling miserable on a bench at the end of the temple looking at this vast empty space in front of me. There is crow s*** everywhere!


Suddenly I smile to myself.


I run to Pandit ji and blurt out, “Can I please have my ceremony here. I want nothing more in the world *pause* right now <- (important to specify). We are in the temple. No lies!

He simply smiles at me and says, “if you get the permission from the authorities, the place is yours”.

Music to my ears. At last, something fruitful and speaking of, I again run out to carefully inspect whether the place can actually be a success.


Problems -> Tackle crow s***, fruit droppings ASAP. Should I get a decorator -> flower arrangements -> chairs -> food & drinks -> shaamiana (its summer, remember)


The next day while my folks are working towards getting that permission, I head out to meet with the decorator. It turns out that decoration is not going to come cheap given the space. He gives me a quotation which is almost close to my wedding decoration budget (sacchi!). Add to that the cost of food, photography and this suddenly is not a smart idea.

It’s getting really hot and I realize that no matter what I do to this place it would get quite torturous for everyone to come in for an open-air morning event.

I still really want the place so after a lot of back and forth, I put my foot down. I would never be able to sleep in peace if I just shell out that kind of money so I decide that it will strictly be a family affair at the temple. It will be personal for sure and there will be minimal decorations (just flowers), few chairs, some refreshments and we will keep it at just that.


The cost -> almost nothing I can safely say. Memories – enough to last a lifetime. Don’t believe me, check out the pictures. Don’t I look happy to you?


Engagement Venue

Yes, they are all family

Engagement Venue

Engagement Venue

Engagement Venue


In due course of time, I realized that the place which is already so beautiful doesn’t need any exterior help in changing anything about it. Nature can never be compromised with anything materialistic. And I am glad I chose this place for my ceremony. It was intimate, private, different for sure, beautiful and romantic as hell (ask my Mr.-to-be)

Engagement Venue

Look at the dancy us ! [I must have spun like 100 times to get this shot..but so worth it, isn’t it]

As for my 100 odd guests, I didn’t leave them out. I did follow it up with a formal party right after the ceremony. Catch a glimpse of it right here and stay tuned to know all about it in my coming post…

Engagement Venue


P.S. If you’re still wondering, yes I did make sure that I got all that crow s*** out of the way 🙂


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