DIY – Fun Engagement Announcement’s

by Namrata Nautiyal
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The countdown to my Engagement has started. Its Day 1 and I am already in talks with my folks about guests, venue and getting a Pandit (very important to seek his availability first!). You may have planned out everything but if you don’t have the person who will actually get you engaged, that may just turn into your worst nightmare.

Amongst all this, I have the killer urge of shouting out to all my friends about my Engagement date getting fixed. I try to keep my excitement in control so that I don’t end up simply WhatsApp-ing everybody the very moment. There has to be a better quirkier and exciting way of doing this and there is…

The answer is MONOGRAMS!

Monograms are nothing but little symbols or logo designs that you must have seen be it in the form of company logos, or on wedding cupcakes and on the sides of some invitations marking the bride & grooms initials.

But what is interesting is that it can also be used as a means of announcing your engagement !

Engagement Announcement

Source –

Take for instance my situation. My engagement date is fixed, but I have absolutely zero clue about where I am having it. Neither do I have any idea about the event timings or who I plan on inviting. So what do I do?


I still have to make an announcement so I go ahead by making myself a monogram. Check out some of the options available.



This is my favouritest website for monograms. The best part – They have 100s of templates absolutely free of cost. Importantly, no hidden costs. You can modify designs, colors, and shapes. The designs are really creative and colorful. You will also see that the site is really user friendly and quick in giving variety of options.



Engagement Announcement




Engagement Announcement




Engagement Announcement



Engagement Announcement

Aren’t the designs just marvelous? Simply go to the Wedding Designs tab and click on Create Monograms and you are good to go.

Be assured that this website actually provides you with amazing monogram options absolutely free of cost. The only time taking part in this whole exercise is choosing your favorite design from the bucket load of options.

FYI, I chose my Engagement Announcement Monogram using Hope you like it


Engagement Announcement

My Engagement Announcement



Invys is also a good option for creating free Monograms. What I like about this website is that they don’t ask you to create an account with them. Simply give your email id, choose your design and within seconds it gets delivered to your mailbox. Free of cost.

The only downside I felt was that they only have a handful of monograms to choose from. If the designs do appeal to your taste, then this website is equally good to get your free monogram from.

I am sharing some of their monograms that I like.

Engagement Announcement


Engagement Announcement



Engagement Announcement

3. MS-Word

Now, for those of you who are not into these kind of quirky designs, a good option is to make one entirely on your own. When I was searching for a monogram to suite my taste, I came across this article (here) which was really helpful and I want to share it with you all.

The tool used here is our very own MS-Word. The article lays out in clear instructions the steps to create your Monogram. It’s really easy and you are sure to have a unique design all to your merit. So I would encourage the creative ones amongst you to try out this option as well if you have the time.

Engagement Announcement

You can easily try getting a design like this done on your own. Source – Pinterest,

For more ideas on Monogram Designs, you can also take a look at my Pinterest Board – Wedding Monogram Ideas for inspiration if you’re trying to make one on your own.


Which of these designs is your favorite?


Don’t forget to share with me if you do try out any of these options for your next event Announcement.

Till then, Happy Monogramming 🙂

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