The Frugal Bride’s Engagement – The Beginning…

by Namrata Nautiyal
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Its somewhere end of February and everyone in my family and somewhat extended have some idea about my We are sure on both sides that we want a December Wedding, but when to have the Engagement is still a big question mark. I have just come back from attending my cousins wedding in Orissa and having dodged a million questions about my wedding status.

Our families have still not met each other since my to-be family resides in Delhi and we are here in Mumbai which doesn’t exactly make things easier. It’s the main reason why we want the Engagement to be planned soon. Add to that the two different cultures and I have my very own version of two states happening here.

After a lot of discussion and going back and forth it has been decided to have the engagement in the first week of March as it’s the auspicious start of Baisakh month. The only other (auspicious) dates available after this is end of April which is a bit too late for all of us, including me (I want that ring fast 😛 )

The Frugal Bride's Engagement

Normally I am all for the good days but times like these can really bite. Its already close to end of February and that gives me practically somewhere close to two weeks to plan this whole thing. Yikees! Immediately my mind starts running Usain Bolt speed.


Where to do it? Home, hotel, garden, terrace what??!!!!

What about my outfit? His outfit? How to coordinate?

Ohh Lord, photographer, invites. Wait, …who should be invited? Family, friends, colleagues, none or all?


The decision is made and the only way out is to jump right into it and get things done.




One by one.

Stay tuned to know how I achieve it all in 15 days (sorry, 13 to be precise)…

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